Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Running For Brighton - Race #17

This past Tuesday I got an email from our good friend Mark asking if I wanted to buy his number and run the ING GA Half Marathon. Now - there's a reason I didn't sign up for this one. I have been PATHETIC as far as training goes. But with Nashville about a month away I figured - let's give it a shot and see where I'm at.

About halfway in I started mentally griping about my lack of training, my lack of preparation, my lack of energy, just about everything I was lacking... and that's when God showed up. And like He does in these races - He set my mind back on why I wanna run 76 of these things. I immediately started thinking about Brighton and all the orphans out there who were really, truly lacking. I felt ashamed for even thinking I lacked anything.

I ended up finishing strong in slightly rainy 50 degree weather (perfect!) in a time I can live with (have had better and worse). But best of all - I had renewed my mind and soul and felt my heart being freshly crushed yet again for what crushes God's heart. And for that - I am very thankful.

You wanna help out an orphan or two (or a million)? It's real easy - just ask us. Or stay tuned for some exciting news and opportunities to get involved with us as we try to "Brighton Their World".

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