Saturday, March 27, 2010

You Look Adorable Clay...

We have two dogs at Camp Hoffman - Clay and Peanut. Clay is a purebred Golden and Peanut is part Lab, part Rhodesian Ridgeback, part Chow and part Deer. Meron loves both of them to death.

Since Clay isn't entering any fancy-pants dog shows any time soon - we usually get him cut real short in the spring/summer for comfort and convenience and today was their day to hit the "doggie salon."

Meron was SO excited to go pick them up with me. She kept saying "they at the salon?" and telling me how much she missed them. When Clay came marching throught he doors - Meron ran straight to him, hugged him, and without missing a beat said:

"You look adorable Clay. Adorable!"
I love that she loves these guys so much!

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