Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God, a Balloon and Meron's Brother

Meron and I hit Chick-Fil-A last night for a little daddy-daughter time at Christian Chicken. As usual Meron turned on her charm factor and had those guys eating out of her hand - that translates into multiple table visits, waves, hellos, balloons and in this case some free ice cream. Her prized possession last night was the bright blue helium-filled balloon.

After dinner - at her request - we headed to Target. We stuck the prized blue balloon in the Xterra and headed in. When we came back out - with her in my arms and Target bag and keys - well - that blue balloon filled with helium slipped right out the door and - well - you know what helium does.

I tried to grab it. I really did. Meron watched it for about .0347 seconds before breaking into an ear-shattering wail.

"My balloon! My blue balloon! I want my blue balloon!"
Me too girl, me too. Trust me. I want nothing more than your blue balloon right now - that's what I was thinking.

But she wasn't letting up. The wails got louder. So there in the dusk in Target's parking lot with Meron sitting on the hood of the Xterra with giant tear drops rolling down her cheeks I let her in on what a cool thing just happened.
"Meron - you know what you just did? You know what just happened?"
The wails grew louder - she didn't seem to care. I was still trying...
"Meron - you just gave your blue balloon to God to enjoy! God and Brighton can enjoy your balloon now! That was so awesome!"
She started to calm down a little. I dunno if it was sinking in or what - I assured her that her brother and God were so happy to see that balloon. This story and a few M&M's calmed her down and we headed home.

She was real quiet in the car and about 15 minutes later she said:
"Daddy! Daddy! God gonna give me a balloon back."
I said "He is?" The tears were all gone at this point and she seemed real happy. She said:
"Yes! God gonna give me a balloon back!"
I didn't know what to say - I said something like "God is so cool, isn't He?" (I know, I know - but what do ya say?)

So fast forward to today. I picked Meron up and we had to run to grab a few things for dinner. We are walking through Publix quickly grabbing what we need. We're in the produce department and a smiling employee came over - he had an accent - it sounded African but who knows. We go to this Publix a lot but I had never seen him. He smiled at me but was really focused on Meron. Real soft-spoken he said to her:
"You want a balloon?"
She lit up! He came back 2 minutes later with an orange balloon and totally made her day. And he blew my mind.

Like I said we have been to this Publix a million times. We always get in to conversations, get cookies, etc. But 2 things are certain - I have never seen that employee and we have never, ever been given a balloon there.
"Daddy! Daddy! God gonna give me a balloon back."
I believe He did just that Meron.
(she was so happy she had to take it in to the tub with her!)


Thurieyyah said...

God is great! What a lovely story to start my day!

Unknown said...

That is an awesome story. Yes, God is a God of details. Very cool.

So funny that Meron is obsessed with a balloon. We have a HIGHLY deflated one that Sophs got a party last weekend. It has given us some serious fun. Bathtime though? Haven't tried that one!

Steph said...

Wow, great story!

Anonymous said...

What I am learning from my little granddaughter amazes me each day! I love you Meron, nana xoxoxoxo

Angela said...

That is such a cool story! Thank you for sharing that!

Donna said...

What a neat way to show Meron God is always at work in our lives. Thanks for sharing! said...

Miracles from God are everywhere. We don't take the time to see and recognize them.

emily said...

Oh if I could have the faith of a child! They teach us so much don't they??

* said...

That awesome story made me believe in His promises a little more today! :)

Wes and Layla said...

What wonderful faith! That is a really special story that I definitely needed today!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!
The Arkansas Crew

Amy said...

Loved that story! Thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

Love it and I love that she knows at such a early age that God gives:)

Special K said...

Tears in my eyes. With faith like a child.....