Monday, May 17, 2010

1 Year Out (well, almost 2)...

The great guys over at asked us to be part of their series on families who have been home at least a year. We were more than happy to join in! Below is our article.

Adoption is a roller coaster. International adoption takes the roller coaster and removes the handlebars and seatbelts and makes the hills bigger. Not only are you encouraged to let go and relinquish control – you HAVE to let go. There are no handlebars to hold on to.

Next month it will be 2 years since we first held Meron in our arms. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and other times it feels like an eternity ago. Looking back over the last 2 years it is pretty cool to look at our journey with the 20/20 vision of hindsight and to see where we’ve come and how much we’ve grown.

A few things we’ve learned since coming home with Meron:

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Thurieyyah said...

Great article ... just finished reading it!

Unknown said...

It has been a joy to walk with you, and be changed with you on this wild ride. GREAT article! Love the idea of "guest articles" too. Spread the word!

Team R

Kim said...

Super article, Tymm! It is hard to believe that almost 2 years has passed since seeing you come up that escalator with one of the most beautiful babies I have ever laid my eyes upon. May countless blessings continue to be bestowed on your wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story that we know you have truly lived tymm - I know I've told you this many times, but, here I go again, I am proud of you and YOU SHOULD BE A WRITER! yOU HAVE such a fantastic way with words!!

Love, Mom

Michael said...

Nice article. You have a real gift with words and say it so well. I also remember seeing those three excited faces coming up the escalator like it was yesterday. What a journey for the three of you.