Friday, May 21, 2010

A Day We Celebrate

Today is a day we celebrate at Camp Hoffman - one of the many anniversaries you end up with after going through the adoption process.

And no - we're not talking about the 30th anniversary of Pac Man - though it's pretty cool that we share that date with the little, yellow, bald, chompy mouth-head guy! And now daddy feels old!

No - the real celebration today is that 2 years ago, at 9:43 AM, we got an email saying that a judge in Ethiopia had stamped the paperwork and we had passed court.

We were officially Meron's parents!

I remember it like it was yesterday - calling up Laura and saying:

"Hello Meron's Mommy!"
And life hasn't been the same since!

Meron - you have been a joy, a blessing, and a constant daily reminder of the incredible God we serve!

This day will always be a day we look at with happiness in our hearts - the day an earthly judge confirmed what our heavenly father had decided from the start!

We love you!


Anonymous said...

Tymm, God didn't only give Meron to you and Laura - he gave her joy to the rest of us that you share her pictures and stories with! And I am so blessed by this child every single day - and I pray and can't wait for the day that I finally get to meet her and touch her! She is my start of each day -and how they say you can love someone you have not yet met - it is so true! just like we love God and we have not touched him yet!

I love you all so much and feel so blessed that God gave you to me in 1973!!

Love, mom

Anonymous said...

I remember the phone call from Laura with the news that the courts
were cleared. I remember the first picture of Meron in Ethiopia..she did not like her picture taken. That is so funny now. We see her picture every day!
I remember seeing the three of you come up to us who were waiting at the Atlanta airport, cheering, waving American flags, and shedding many tears. Little Meron was held by dozens that day, kissed by many and she took it all with the sweet spirit that we see in her still. Praise God for giving Meron to the two of you. I cannot wait for the next Baby Hoffman. love, NC granny