Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Generous Hearts of Children

A couple months ago we heard from 6 year old Savannah's mom, Angie. Their family has adopted from Ethiopia (and are doing it again!) and it seemed that Savannah had been moved by it and wanted to do something. So what'd she do?

Oh, you know, just a little something like telling her friends:

"Forget my birthday presents - lets do a formula drive instead!"
And that's exactly what she and her friends did and they have donated it all to Brighton Their World!

Today we got the opportunity to meet up with this awesome family and hang out for a bit. Their passion and love for orphans is undeniable and we were blessed by all they have done to support us. Meron had an absolute blast and may have met her match in the "I WILL hug you!" department as Silas was one determined little guy!

Thank you so much Savannah for listening to your heart - you are saving lives!

A few of these pics were selfishly stolen from Angie - she takes great pics - go check her out!


fuzzandfuzzlet said...

What a generous spirit Savannah has.

Silas is adorable.

Love Meron`s updo!

angie said...

such a fun day! it was great to get to know you guys a little better! i loved watching the kiddos together, too!

can't wait to do it again :)

Unknown said...

Go, Savannah! What a sweet, sweet heart. Love it. The photos are goregeous. The expressions that Silas was making are halirious!

Kim said...

Way to go, Savannah! Meron and Silas are tooooo cute together!

Angela said...

Beautiful! Making a difference at such a young age. We can all learn from Savannah's sweet heart!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, Laura you were so right, those pictures are precious!