Saturday, May 29, 2010

To Do Justly, To Love Mercy...

I was following Laura and Meron home the other night and when I got out of the car Laura was getting out of theirs and she was crying. Not sad tears I could tell - just the kind that come when something happens that kinda pinches your heart.

She said "I can't help it... not when our daughter is sitting behind me singing these words:

'To do justly, to love mercy;
To walk humbly with our God..."
I love it. I love that Meron loves to sing these songs. If you ask her who they're singing to on the Compassion Art CD, she'll tell you "God." I love that too.

And I love that it's so normal to her yet it brings her mommy and daddy to tears. See - mommy and daddy know how the world can take that sweet innocence away. But for her, right now - it's so normal to just sing these words to God.

Our prayer is that her heart never, ever hardens to hearing and singing the words of God...

Micah 6:8

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Unknown said...

One of fav verses. Such God stuff going into her heart. Need to hear that CD.