Friday, May 14, 2010

You Take Me To Your Football Game?

For a while now every single time we would pass any type of field (soccer, baseball, football, etc) Meron would say the same thing:

"Daddy! Your football game! You take me?"
We had been promising her that she and mommy would come out to one of the flag football games - and tonight she finally made it.

After some much-deserved time on the playground, she and mommy made their way to the bleachers. And trust me... I knew when she arrived! She was easily the most vocal fan I have heard at any sporting event... ever.

It started with:
"Let's Go Daddy!"
and then slowly turned into:
"Come on Daddy! Play your game!"
and then one of my favorites (when I came to the sideline):
"Here daddy - I get your water for you!"
After it was over she came sprinting into a crowd of guys she had never met and made her way to me to give me a gigantic hug. Best. Thing. Ever.

On the way home she said:
"Your game was really good. I had fun!"
It was easily the best game of the season for me and it had nothing to do with anything on the field (although we WERE the team with 32 points!).

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emily said...

So sweet! Meron is so proud of her daddy.

You should hear Eyasu at the boys baseball games, "hit the ball Wick" "throw the ball Hill" good points for sure! :) He is pretty much the unofficial mascot for both teams!