Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mow the Cow

Tonight we had "reservations" for Laura to score her free spicy chicken sandwich from Christian Chicken. So we all piled in and hit the store. While Meron and I waited in the car for Laura - out wanders the big headed cow mascot. Heres where things get weird...

Meron has always had a love/hate relationship with that cow. One minute she'd be all screaming "he scare me!" and the next minute she'd be saying "I wanna see the cow!"

This time though - she about lost her mind. Now - I'll give her this - he was looking extra crazy today. He was rocking a firefighter suit in honor of the spicy chicken and his big giant cow head was wobbling to and fro.

But I am pretty sure Meron mistook him for one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She threw her hands over her eyes and started wailing - tears were flying out of her hands, she was literally sobbing. She peaked through her fingers one time and saw him passing the car and the wails got louder. I had to work hard to stifle my laughter to assure her it was okay.

So fast forward 15 minutes. We're on the way home and we're discussing the terrible condition of our yard and Laura is offering to mow the front yard to help out. From the backseat we hear:

"Mommy... mow the cow."
Laura looked at me - I flashed my "I have no idea what she is talking about" look and Laura said "What sweetie?" And Meron said:
"Mow the cow."
Ohhh, she wants us to mow the cow... what the...???? So Laura says "Honey - why do you want me to mow the cow?" Meron answered:
"Because he scare me."
No worries. We did not agree to go ahead and be accomplices in this pre-meditated mow-down. We explained to Meron that we don't ever mow anybody over. And that we would show her that the cow is really a very friendly cow the next time we saw him.

And if he wasn't and he still scared her... well we said we'd feed him hamburgers.


Anonymous said...

Cute story! Mow the cow - there are times in life when we all feel that way don't we? But like you said we should feed him hamburgers instead, haha! You guys are good!
Love ya, mom xoxoxoxo

Kim said...

That one had me laughing with tears rolling down the cheeks! Too funny!

Angela said...

This cracked me up! Laney also has a love/hate relationship with that cow. Been there, friends! :-)

Unknown said...

Mean ole cow!