Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Never Too Young

Tonight Meron and Mommy went to hang with some of their best friends. They all got together to build sack lunches for kids who might not be getting a meal now that school is out.

They colored bags. They put lunches together. They prayed over the lunches. And I think they even snuck in some dress up.

I passed them on their way home when I was heading out of the neighborhood and I jumped out to see how it went - Meron had a GREAT TIME!

You're never too young to learn the awesome art of giving!


Anonymous said...

This is SO very awesome! What a wonderful group of kiddos and what wonderful parents!!! :)

Aunt Stacy in Arkansas

Angela said...

So cool to see the kids serve together! They got lots of play time in too! :-)

Unknown said...

Never ever too young to start training them to serve. So glad we could do this together. So glad kids had lunches today.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Love this mission!

I work for a school that has the highest rate of free and reduced lunch in the district. It worries me that during the summer most of these kids will not be getting their free lunch. Does this mean they are not eating at all?

Robbin Hopkins said...

love this!! way to go Meron and Meron's parents for teaching her to be of great service at such a young age