Monday, June 28, 2010

Seeing God

Sometimes I think we humans are too quick to write off things - we try to explain away everything that happens and in that process - we likely miss so much of God. I know I have done it and still do it all the time.

But every now and then something happens that just doesn't sit right or sends the chills flying down your spine so fast that you can't do anything but know it was God. Meron and her balloon from God story was one of those times.

She cornered me in her closet and hit me with another one Sunday morning.

First, I should say that Laura and I haven't really ever used the actual word "adoption" that much with Meron. I mean we talk to her all the time about how God made our family, and how He chose her and us to be a family, etc, etc, etc. We've used the term loosely, not really emphasizing anything around it. Honestly, I can't tell you the last time I used it with her.

So Sunday, while I am in her closet pathetically trying to dress her as good as her mom does - she comes running in and says:

"Brighton! Baby Brighton! My brother!
I love it when she mentions Brighton in her prayers and stuff but she really hasn't come up to me and ever said anything about him without us already talking about him. She was so chipper and happy. It was adorable. I said "We love him, don't we?" She said:
"Yes! We love him!
I was having trouble finding a top to match the shorts I had in my hand so that likely would have been the end of the conversation except for the fact the she continued with this:
"He needed to be adopted."
Huh? Her use of the word "adopted" stopped me in my tracks. Things just went from adorable to a little freaky. I said "What'd you say baby?" She re-stated:
"He needed to be adopted. He needed to be fed and loved."
At this point I am thinking Laura must have had some giant conversation with her around this and not shared this with me. Not like her, but what else explains it? I was done trying to find matching clothes - now I was kneeling down at her eye level and I said "Sweetie, come here... who told you that?" She came walking over, looked me dead in the eyes, didn't miss a beat and said:
Chills. Down the spine. Hair on the arms getting prickly. I stood back up, tussled her hair and tried to pretend like that was completely normal. Chatting with Laura today I shared it and she confirmed that she hasn't had some conversation with her.

The rest of the day I was bugged out... but I started thinking - why does that bug me out? I have prayed... I mean I have PRAYED like crazy for Meron's heart to be receptive to hearing God, I have asked Him to send the Holy Spirit to her at the earliest age he would, that she would start to be molded and shaped and to know Him WAY before I did in my life. I have asked for all of this - and yet it freaks me out when I see it play out before my eyes.

God is real people. Really real. And if the last 3 years of my life hadn't cemented that into my head - my 2.5 year old daughter cornering me in the closet to tell me matter-of-factly what God has told her has just driven it straight home.

Trusting in Him a little more today...


Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

All I could say is amazing.

Emy said...

WOW! What an amazing story, and such an amazing little girl you have been blessed with!

Christie said...

Thanks for warning me about this post. I shared it and warned others that if they haven't shaved their legs yet, to not bother until they read this. I had chills in placed I didn't know I could get chills. I mean, the backs of my knees. Really? Man, have I mentioned that I love me some Hoffmans? Meron is so amazing and she absolutely melts my heart each time I think about her. You guys rock too, so don't be jealous. Can NOT wait to meet all of you. Seriously, IS IT TIME YET?