Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 10: Mommy on a Mission

Last night - around midnight our time, we heard a weird phone ring tone here. My sister said "Who has some weird rock song for a ring tone?" I barely responded but then remembered I had just upgraded my phone and wasn't sure what any of its tones sounded like. After running to grab my cell I realized I had just missed a call from Laura! WHAT?!?!?! I called her back immediately and it just rang... and rang... and rang... and rang... Then I sent a text message asking her to call me back. Finally about 10 minutes later my phone rang and it was her again... I was stoked! What a surprise.

She gave me a recap of her day - mostly talking about the time spent with the medical students at their clinic. It was in a VERY remote village. She said it was an awesome time and adventurous as she found herself in the middle of some political function and had to go upfront and introduce herself and explain why she was there - that's about all I know - but I am sure there is more story to come around that. Also - the open air bus ride that they took was pretty exciting - they were pulled over by Ugandan Police and questioned at one of the may roadblocks (not abnormal there) - once they understood what the team was doing they said "We be friends." Awesome.

Thanks Laura for the call - it was especially wonderful to hear your voice as we are all missing you out here in Arkansas.

Today Laura and the team were going to be spending the day working with the children at the Tumain Children's Orphanage. There wasn't a whole lot of communication between us so I definitely am looking forward to the update from her when I see her and pick her brain about every little detail from every last minute of her trip. Yes - we'll share it all... I did wake up to a text from her asking me to tell her what the chorus of a particular Jay Z song was. Random. But I am sure there is much more to it.

Later - around 11:00 AM our time - I got a text that said "I am so gross and dirty. I literally stink!" Signs of a good day if ya ask me...

The last I heard from her today was a text message around 4:15 our time. it said:

"Had a great day. Spent 1st half of day at school. I played Frisbee with some kids for like 2 hours. So fun just to laugh and play. Afternoon spent with kids in community leading singing, teaching and painting t-shirts. So fun. Had dinner at hotel, had worship time and prayer time with team. It is midnight. Just took a very cold shower. But would do it every day to see the smile son these kids faces. God is here but e needs us to be a vessel for his work. I love and miss you. Wish you were here."
Awesome description of what sounds like an awesome day. Believe me - I wish i was there too.

Meron and I are back on the road again tomorrow - traveling back to Atlanta. It was great to see our family and as usual - the time went by way too fast. We're thankful for super family who are so welcoming and loving. I know I speak for Meron when I say we had a BLAST!

Thanks again for the continued support. 4 more days til Laura is back with us - we can't wait!!

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