Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 11: Mommy on a Mission

Tonight's update is probably going to be a lot shorter... Meron and I are spent after our long drive home today - but truthfully - I did not have a lot of communication with Laura today so there isn't a whole lot to share. But please know that we are blessed by the continued prayers and support and amazingly kind words you guys have sent back. It has helped here on the home front as much as anywhere else. We're blessed to know each and every one of you...

Early this morning I got a text from Laura that simply stated "Went on motorcycle ride through town!" I was amped. Why? Why is this even worth sharing? Because it really shows where she is at with herself right now - how she has let God just remove all fears and inhibitions and experience everything she could to the fullest. Big deal, right? A little motorcycle ride. Well, it is a big deal. Cuz see... I have 2 motorcycles. And I don't think Laura has EVER ridden through town with me on mine. So yeah - I was excited that she was allowing herself to experience that kind of stuff!

The next text came from her about 4 hours later. It said:

"Just got back from a village visit. Sweet baby fell asleep on me. No idea where his mom was. Sitting on balacony watching sun set. This is heaven and what I was made for. Wish you were here."
Like I told her in a response - I think we have a lot of tough decisions to make when she gets home. We keep feeling drawn towards Africa and letting go of everything we let get in our way of God here - so who knows what the future will hold. But we would LOVE your continued prayers around it.

She also asked me to go listen to a certain song and it's lyrics because it is "how she feels right now." I figured I would share those lyrics with you because it really puts things in perspective and allows ya a little glimpse into what she has been experiencing:
"When something's dull, let me shed a little light on it;
When something's cold, let me put a little fire on it;
When something's old, I wanna put a little shine on it;
When something's gone, I wanna fight to get it back again;
When something's broke, I wanna put a little fixing on it;
If something's bored, I wanna put a little exciting on it;
When something's low, I wanna put a little high on it;
When something's lost, I wanna fight to get it back again;
When signals cross, I wanna put a little straight on it;
If there's no love, I'm gonna try to love again;
I'll say your prayers, I'll take your side, I'll find us a way to make light;
I'll dig your grave, we'll dance and sing, Who knows, could be our last lifetime!"
We did share a few texts around this and without getting too into it - just pray for her mind and spirit and soul - that she can stay focused the last few days, that she can remember what she's doing and why she is doing it -- because right now she is missing home real bad (and by "home" - it's a safe bet to assume that is Meron!!)

Anyways - I experienced the same thing as we got close to the end of the second week on our trip - you just really start to miss your team and ya wanna be back with them. My prayer is that her last few days will be as strong as her first few and God can remove the longing feelings and let her be 100% in whatever work she is doing.

Meron and I made it home no problems at all today. A little longer drive than it should be - but we stopped quite a bit for "Daddy - i gotta go potty!" and we had lunch and took our time. She has been an absolute angel. She had so much fun with her cousins but she was so awesome about leaving - no whining, crying... nothing. We got home and she let me comb her hair out, wash it and condition it. We read bible stories (wise men - her choice) and sang one song - and then it was "I wanna go night night."

I think she was spent. The fun of the last 4 days had just caught up with her. We feel richly blessed tonight by awesome family we have to go visit and hang out with as well as by all of you guys - your prayers, your kind words of encouragement - the fact that you care. It's a bit overwhelming. Thank you guys from the bottom, top and sides of our hearts.


Unknown said...

So glad that Laura is allowing herself to truly experience it all in Africa. Love it. Glad you and Meron had a fun trip as well.

As you know, we are praying for your family, and just loving what God is doing. We'd be so sad if you moved, but SO thrilled to see you release it all to serve.

If you want to run these next few nights, bring Meron on over.

Praying for Laura!!!!

NaCole said...

Praying for you both. I'm excited to see how God continues to use you...how you continue to allow Him to use you. The mission field for you two does not surprise me...it does not surprise me one bit.

Michael said...

We have been lurking as we read your stories and view the pictures everyday. Know that all of you are in our prayers each day. Make sure to have Meron check the mailbox tomorrow.