Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 12: Mommy on a Mission

I wanted to give just a quick update on Adesse - the young girl Laura became friends with in the Korah dump that we were trying to raise funds for. First off - you guys are clearly hearing God on this one because as of right now - not counting commitments from people - just counting money in hand - we have 2 years covered for her. 2 years - out of the dump! You guys are incredible and I seriously almost tear up even writing this stuff - maybe God did this for me - He knows how cynical the world has made me - you guys have just floored me with your willingness to pray, listen for God and then to give. And there was some sacrificial giving going on too. People in the midst of their own things seeing this need and saying "I can't NOT help." That's what makes this community the coolest community around. THANK YOU!

Today was another light communication day from Laura. We started her day off (and mine winding down FAST late last night) texting about where we stood on the "list" to bring home Little Hoffman #3. A good friend brought it to our attention that we were 1st on the list for girls 24 months old. GULP! Things may go quicker than we thought and we might just have our feet back on that soil we love so much sooner than we thought! Thanks Emily for the heads up!

So I knew today was mostly a travel day for the team. Around 9:00 I got a text message from her that simply said "On truck." and had a picture of her and the team on the truck. Can I just tell you how awesome that tiny little 38kb file was to get? Just gave me some connection to her and was a total surprise. I am missing her - "absence making heart grow fonder" and all that jazz aside... my heart was already fond. Real fond. So it was a huge blessing to see her pop up on my phone.

Later on I got the following: "Made it to Kampalla. I miss you and love you. Tried to call but you did not answer." WHAT?!?! Again? I was on my way to get Meron so I just grabbed the phone and called. Our cell bill is gonna be outrageous but so so so worth it. I got her on the phone and we chatted for a few minutes. She was about to take a shower and crawl in bed for what hopefully was going to be a good night's rest - since it is the last time she'll be sleeping in a bed before she is home. She said that they had slightly warm water there and she was looking forward to the shower.

It really sounded like they had a pretty relaxed day. They apparently had just finished playing a very aggressive, very competitive game of "Catch Phrase" and one of the questions was "Jesus rose on what day?" and Laura fired off "Christmas!" HA HA HA HA. Someone check her credentials - she may have to have her missionary card revoked! I thought that was pretty funny...

All in all - she seemed in GREAT spirits. I was super happy to hear that. Tomorrow they work with some kids in the morning and then should be at the Entebbe airport by 6:00 PM (their time) to be heading to Addis and then back on home.

Things are getting back to routine around here. Well - a little. We got back so late and after the hair wash and condition - it was WAY late last night so I let Meron sleep in and we did breakfast here before school. Not having said anything to her teacher Kalesha, I took Meron's hair stuff in and left it in her cubby thinking maybe - just maybe - Kalesha would be bored (right, in the middle of the school day!) and wanna do Meron's hair. Well - when I picked her up - BOOM! She was all braided up and looking super duper cool. Again - it's the little things that people don't even know are actually HUGE! They told me to "tie it up" over night - so I shook my head "OKAY!" while all the while having no idea what they meant. Meron and I hit Sally Beauty Supply and I asked for help - they suggested a do-rag for kids. I got it. And tried it. She hated it. So we're trying the Magic Princess Hat tonight and hoping it stays put!

Had her back on schedule tonight for sleep - feels good. I am actually typing this at 10:00 PM instead of 1:30 AM. Whew...

Thanks again to all of you. We have had the most awesome emails sent back from you guys and for real - that is so encouraging. Going to print them all so Laura can read everything. Please pray for safe travels as they will be up and down in airplanes a LOT over the next couple days.

And seriously - please tell US how we can pray for YOU. Like right now. Tell me.

Thanks so much!


ashley said...

I havent checked you guys out for a while, and now I am so glad I did! I leave in 12 days with Visiting Orphans to go to Uganda and Ethiopia. The grab bag idea is great and I will get right on that:) I will be praying for her and you guys to. So awesome to read about some of the places I get to go.

Diana said...

I have not left a comment in a while but have so loved reading about your wifes mission trip. You are just a AMAZING family and have touch so many people. Thank you!!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I am so glad you have collected two years tuition. WOW! What a huge difference that is going to make in her life.

Anonymous said...

I am at a conference where the theme is going and doing "beyond".
Beyond what we live now, beyond what the wealthy Amerian Church does now, beyond what we ever dreamed doing. Standing up,reaching out, doing for and with. Wish you were here. Francis Chan today. The Lord is moving many here to move beyond just like the two of you are doing. My blessings are overflowing "beyond" my wildest expection.
NC Granny

NaCole said...

Praying for a safe and smooth trip home for Laura. Exciting news about baby girl Hoffman! Love the braids!