Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 13: Mommy on a Mission

Good evening! (it's funny - as I write these I try to come up with different ways to address them - "good evening" hasn't been used yet - sounds goofy, very adult and formal, but we'll stick with it).

We are ALMOST there! As I type this, Laura is somewhere in the air between Ethiopia and Rome. Keep those prayers kicking if ya don't mind. Satan is a jerk and since he was massively defeated on this trip, it'd be just like him to try and show up at the last second to try and score a point or two. So we pray. And I thank you... a lot!

Around 8:30 this morning I got a text from Laura saying this: "Say a prayer. Ethiopian Airlines not showing all reservations. Still in Uganda. Been waiting for over an hour so far." We texted back and forth a bit... she said there was a lot of haggling going on - finally at 9:49 AM I got this: "Ok. All made it through. Waiting to board."


I think these are the worst of worrying times for me - the travel days. Jut so much to potentially go wrong. So I have said a lot of prayers today knowing that Laura and the team would be experiencing a crazy range of emotions from excitement to getting home to loved ones all the way to sadness at leaving a country and people they have most likely come to love and cherish. At 11:00 AM our time, 6:00 PM in Uganda - I got this message from Laura:

"Getting ready to take off. Will let you know when leaving Addis. Our team is extremely sad. You should have seen this sweet baby girl I held today. Uganda has taken up shop in my heart. Next adoption maybe? Tell me I can come back soon."
I had a long meeting that ran way over today and of course I missed 3 calls from her while I was in it. But she did call my google voice # and left a voice message - they were all on the plane in Addis and waiting to take off. Good to hear her voice. Can't wait to see her face.

As I was sitting here typing this I got a new text message from her that said: "In Rome. Happy to come home. So sad this is over. I love you."

So whew again - one more leg down - she's on the long one now and then the short one here in the states and Meron will get to give her the big "Mear Hug" she's been talking about giving her mommy. It's 5:00 AM there and I imagine the whole team is just spent. Praying for a sleep filled flight. Probably won't happen with so much running around in their heads - but I am hoping for a little rest.

First off - can I just say that the school that Meron goes to is nothing short of amazing? The teachers are so loving and caring and have been so awesome with us - especially now knowing that the critical "Mommy" was out of the picture for 2 weeks. When I dropped Meron off this morning they were all asking about our trip to Little Rock, how Laura was doing, etc, etc. Love these guys...

Meron's hair had done "so-so" through the night. The magic princess hat didn't stay put (it's better when her hair is down) and it was a little rubbed around. I did my best to spray some conditioner on and fix her up - she looked presentable! I promise! When I picked her up - they said "Kalesha said to bring her hair stuff in tomorrow and she will do it up great for when mommy comes home." See what I mean??? These guys are the best.

Tonight we had to run some errands and go take our neighbors dog's out - on the way to the store Meron spotted a book from the mommy bag in the car and said "Daddy - can you give me that book from my mommy?" I handed it to her and she was leafing through it when she looked up and said "I have to tell my mommy thank you for this book tomorrow when she gets home from Africa." Love it.

A little later on she said "I so cited to see my mommy tomorrow." And she chased that one with the question, "Daddy... are we going to Africa to get mommy tomorrow?"

I wish Meron. I wish...

Thank you guys so much for everything. Support, prayers, emails, etc. You have been a gigantic part of making this trip a reality for us. We appreciate it so much...

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Anonymous said...

Still in Indianapolis...met a mission group that is building a university in Uganda! First phase to open in 2012. So cool! Been out of touch but trusting the Lord to bring Laura home.
NC Granny