Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 14: Mommy on a Mission

First off - I want to thank each and everyone of you guys for the prayers, for the financial support, for letting your hearts be moved to support a child living in a dump and for just being all around cool people! This whole thing could not have been pulled off without the incredible support we have - we owe a LOT to you guys. So thank you!

Yesterday morning almost right after I dropped Meron off at school I got a phone call from Laura - she was in DC!! Woo hoo! That whole "over the ocean for a long long time" part was over! She had a pretty good layover there but they had a lot to do with clearing customs and rechecking baggage - not to mention some pretty teary goodbyes to some team members that would be flying elsewhere from there. I headed back home and tried to squeeze a days worth of work into about 4 hours - needless to say the morning FLEW by for me.

On the way to pick up Meron I grabbed some balloons (Meron's request) and then swung by her school. Kalesha had hooked me up AGAIN with a some tight braids that looked awesome. Meron looked a little sleepy since I had to come get her while they were napping. Her awesome teacher, Ms. Patsy, had brought her a drink and some fruit chews for the ride to the airport. In the car I asked Meron "Did you take a nap?" and her response was the sweetest thing ever. She said:

"I didn't shut my eyes because I was too cited to see my mommy..."
I absolutely love this girl's heart! So we cruised on over to the airport - when we were about 5 minutes from the parking lot we got a text from Laura saying they had just landed. Perfect timing. We grabbed our balloons and headed to wait at the top of the escalators. Of course - as luck would have it - while we were crouched down waiting at the top, Meron whispered in my ear "I have to go pee pee!" - so off we ran - me toting my camera, 4 balloons and my daughter. As we did the deed (with Meron trying to peek under the stall at the DUDE next to us) my phone rang - Laura was at baggage claim!

We headed out of the restroom and took about 10 steps before we saw a teary-eyed Laura heading our way. Meron broke in to a HUGE smile and said "Mommy!" and just reached for her. It was beautiful. She literally leaped in to Laura's arms and she cupped Laura's cheeks with both hands and just gazed into her eyes. It was an awesome site and privilege to watch these two be reunited!

After grabbing Laura's luggage and saying a few goodbyes we were out! We went home, dropped luggage and headed to Christian Chicken. The day before Meron had said to me "Daddy - when my mommy comes home can I go to Chick Fil A with my mommy and my daddy?" How do you deny that? When we got home - all I really wanted to do was look at some of Laura's pictures on the TV - but God must be preparing us for other things - our electricity went out at 8:00 and was out until well past midnight. So we all crashed early. I think I heard the house exhale a sigh of relief! This old house was a home again - mommy was back with us!

First off - you guys are an incredibly generous bunch of warriors! After today's mail delivery we are past 3 years of sponsorship and quickly heading towards 4! What a blessing to see the hearts of you guys and to be a tiny little part of helping facilitate getting a young girl out of a terrible situation. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Now the funny part - I knew at the beginning I was slaughtering her name (which is terrible but I wanted to get her story out to you guys ASAP)... so I *think* I have her name now - I am going to blame a crazy delay on the phone call when Laura and I talked - but her name is Ababhjila. I am pretty sure that is correct. If I am wrong again I will let you know!! I have seen her gorgeous picture and as soon as we confirm everything and get things rolling - we will share everything we can! Your generosity is going to change a life. Marinate on that for a second when you're falling asleep tonight! That's BIG!

Ya know what - all is good here! We're tired. We're weary. We're all emotionally spent and trying to figure out what's next. But we are healthy, happy and blessed beyond measure.

If I've said it once, I have said it a billion times - YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE. We're thankful beyond words to have you in our life. God bless all of you.

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Janie said...

I have loved so much reading the posts about Laura's trip and how you guys did on the home front. Can't wait to read Laura's thoughts about her trip when she's ready....