Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 6: Mommy on a Mission

That's the text message I woke up to find on my phone at 6:30 AM. Ugh... what do I do? I mean - I would worry about Laura if she were home and feeling that way - but here she was halfway across the globe dealing with what I was guessing was a migraine. And there wasn't a SINGLE. THING. I. COULD. DO. ABOUT. IT. There was that human (and especially male) side of me - wanting to control the situation, wanting to fix it. But I didn't go through a season in life a few years ago where Matthew 6:25-34 became my mantra for nothing. I knew it was fruitless to worry. I knew worrying didn't come from God. I still had to physically struggle past that though. So I sat down and banged out a real quick prayer request to the team. About 35 minutes later, the first responses started coming in and I knew people were praying. That helped... but truthfully - I was failing miserable at Matthew 6:25 right about now. I dropped Meron off at school, poured some Starbucks on my worry and headed to the office while trying not to stare at my phone every 7 and a half seconds.

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" (Matthew 6: 27)
Not me. That was for sure. I felt like I was shaving them off, not adding anything on. And then - a few minutes after 12:00 - my phone buzzed again. "Got back a bit ago. Feeling all better." WHEW!!! it was crazy to me - I think this is about as close to real time prayer watching as you can get. She was sick. She asked for prayer. We all prayed for her. She got better. It's a simple formula - but one that works. God would have still been God - amazing, great and worthy of our every praise if He had NOT helped heal Laura - but I am very grateful He did. So BIG THANKS to everybody who prayed this morning, who emailed this morning and all who have been walking with us this whole time - it is a really big deal to us. You guys are a really big deal to us.

Brightening Their Worlds
One of the things the team was doing today was splitting into two groups and visiting some orphanages to deliver the formula that Brighton Their World had sent on this trip. This was pretty exciting - Laura had carried over 100 pounds of formula that Ansley and her church in Arkansas had raised for us. Laura got to hold babies. Feed babies. And everything was good. The one orphanage would not allow any photos (I wish they understood the power of the stories and photos) but the one laura went to did so she was able to get some great pics. can't wait to see them.

After I picked Meron up from school we were heading to upgrade my cellphone. i was unbuckling Meron - probably about 3 minutes away from switching my phone off - when I heard it ringing in my pocket - it was LAURA!! I was pumped. She sounded great - and she got to talk to her girl. Meron was so sweet - telling Laura she missed her and she loved her - and at one point telling Laura to "be a good girl..." That may have been just what the doctor ordered for her - i could hear it in her voice - she was super excited to talk to Meron! She did confirm that it was a migraine causing the issues - but she was completely better. PRAISE GOD! Later that night they went out to dinner and enjoyed their last night in Ethiopia. They are already up and at 'em there and I got a text that they were heading out - they will be flying to Uganda today and if all goes according to plan - she'll even get a trip on the Nile river...

Meron and I head out in about 8 hours on our way to Arkansas to visit family for a long weekend. We can't wait. It will be GREAT to have some back up and we can't wait to just hang out with the fam. She did NOT want to go to school today at all in anticipation of this trip - and I am pretty sure she didn't sleep a wink last night as she just sat there thinking about the trip! First thing out of her mouth this morning was "We going to see cousin will and ansley?" Crazy memory... the mommy videos were a big hit as usual and the mommy bag gave up some fruity gummy things - food for the trip!

And on possibly the coolest note of the evening - I came home to several envelopes in the mailbox of money for Adesse!! I think we're gonna hit our goal no problem!

So I will keep this one shorter since I flooded ya with so much the past few days - but know this - we feel the prayers and support - and it means the world to us.



Unknown said...

Just awesome to see those prayers work. Still not getting your newsletter...

Have a great trip to AK.

Anonymous said...

Matt 6 is my favorite chapter of scripture...key to life in that chapter. Have a safe trip my friend.