Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 7: Mommy on a Mission

Friday was a travel day for everybody in Camp Hoffman - some more exciting than others (Laura from Ethiopia to Uganda. Meron and daddy from Atlanta to Arkansas). Everything went smooth as can be and again - we thank all fo you for the continued prayer support for our team.

I woke up Friday morning to a message from Laura reading "Made it to Uganda! Be careful. I love you." What a peaceful feeling that gave us as we prepared to hit the road on our way to Arkansas. One less thing to be worried about. One GIGANTIC less thing. I was happy to know she was back on the ground and excited that she was about to experience some awesomeness in a completely new place. Pretty exciting.

"Missing Ethiopia Already"
This was the next text message from her. And I was a little worried about this from the get go - Ethiopia is a country so full of emotions for us. From Brighton resting there, to Meron being born there - our hearts have an entire chamber or two reserved for that country, its people and the things that God has taught us through them. And I knew that as hard as it would be going in there - it would be harder leaving. My prayer request is that she will be able to be fully engaged in Uganda - experiencing a new people in a new place and that God will use her in ways she never even imagined.

I heard from her again right after Meron and I hit the road. "Uganda is beautiful! Just exchanged money. How is Meron? I miss her terribly." I was glad that the beauty of Uganda seemed to have already captured her. They were basically getting settled in today and doing a little shopping and hanging out. At 3:51 I got this from her:

"In bed. Under a m net. Fun night. Just sitting outside with a few thirty and uppers. Really funny people. Saw katie's girls. Boat tomorrow... I wish you were here. So much fun! Ate a fish straight from the Nile, head still on it!"

I was pumped that she had gotten to meet Katie's girls. in case you don't know - go check out this blog. Katie is a rock star to us and I can't even begin to imagine how big God smiles when He thinks about this girl. Just an awesome girl doing awesome stuff for the Kingdom. Go see for yourself and become addicted to her blog like we are:

The last text I got from Laura was as my day was winding down and hers was starting up. it said : "You should see this sunrise over the Nile..."

I wish I was. Oh, how I wish I was.

Meron and I got a late start as we headed out Friday morning to visit the family in Arkansas. What else is new - late is the new "on time" I have decided. This single parenting thing is TOUGH! But after getting the car packed, the dogs fed and taken care of, the house prepped for us to be gone and Meron fed, dressed and ready - well... we were behind. Oh well. 42 miles in I heard the first "Daddy! I have to go potty!" That kinda set the tone for the trip. 525 miles with a potty training 2.5 year old. And no teammate to help. But ya know what - she and I had some awesome conversation.

And when I say "potty training" - she is pretty much there but I didn't wanna step backwards at all - so we stopped at every mention of it. And every single time we stopped - she went! She was awesome. Dry the entire trip - through 2 naps! She didn't touch anything in the nasty bathrooms and she was cooperative and fun. She asked me roughy 237,479 times - "Daddy - what you doing?" or "Daddy - where we going?" - but never "Are we there yet?" :)

We had some good old Christian Chicken for lunch - when we pulled in Meron yelled "Here we come Chick Fil A!" We spent some fun time bonding and even through the trip took a lot longer than it usually does - I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

We rolled in to Arkansas to an awesome reception from our family - Meron was SO STOKED to see these guys and honestly - she hasn't stopped smiling since we got here!

Thank you guys so much for all the continued prayers and support. They are being felt both here and in Africa.

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