Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 8: Mommy on a Mission

Many thanks to everybody continuing to remember Laura and the team in their prayers - as we get ready to celebrate th 4th of July and all of the freedoms we have over here, thanks for joining me in continued prayer for Laura and the people and children she may come in contact with and that they may know the freedom and hope that comes along with the love of Jesus.

I woke up to 2 new messages on my phone this morning and this time they had pictures! One was of the Nile river with the caption "On the Nile where Moses was!" and the other was a picture of Laura with her new friend Tivita - one of Katie's girls that Laura described as "so sweet" and I guess she hung out with Laura and wore her backpack all day. So cool. Her original text said "Amazing Day at amazima. I want to live here." Who knows... we're open to whatever God is putting in our path - and extended time spent in Africa is not off the table.

Today's itinerary said "Enjoy the children in the Amazima program all day..." Now how cool is that? It doesn't say "Help the poor." Or "Feed the hungry." Or anything that else that would give the idea that they would be bringing something to the people there. Now don't get me wrong - I know they did - but I love how this is worded because I can almost guarantee you that Laura and this team got WAY more from the kids in the Amazima program than they could have ever hoped to have given them. And I especially like the word "enjoy." Because I am sure that is exactly what they did. Later text from Laura said "5 girls braided my hair! Oh my! You just wait until you see the video of them singing about Jesus!"

My prayer is that they were able to soak up some of that "peace that passes understanding" and let it sink way in and change their very souls. I am almost certain they did.

Towards the end of the day today they were all going to be traveling to their next destination - Pallisa, Uganda. Around noon I got a text saying "On the back of a bus. Open air laying on luggage! 3 hour ride to Pallisa." I had seen some pictures of this from previous trips - its almost exactly what you'd think of when you think of traveling in the rural parts of Africa. Pretty cool that she is getting to experience this. Almost 3 hours later I got the text saying "Made it! Crazy fun ride!" I was glad she was there and safe - I know, I know - no worrying... yeah - easier said than done.

I knew it was getting late there and really didn't expect to hear much else from her - but around 11:40 PM their time - I got this text message:

"God is stretching me out of my comfort zone. In a hotel in Pallisa, Uganda. No nets on our beds, no warm water, world cup party and dance club outside. Feeling a bit uncomfortable. please pray. here 3 nights. I love you. Please hug Meron for me."
I immediately texted her back that prayers were happening but I did not hear back. If you can - please join me in prayer for safety, peace and an overflow of Jesus through them in this area.

Tomorrow's agenda calls for a church service for them and an opportunity for the team to teach sunday school. The afternoon is one of sabbath rest so i hope they are able to recharge a bit.

Things are perfectly fine here - it's nice to be visiting my sister and family and to have some back up on the Meronator. We have no real agendas here - just hang out time and it has been great. Meron is absolutely enthralled with this family. She adores Will, looks up to Ansley, and absolutely loves her aunt Stacy and uncle James. Today we headed to an orchard to pick some peaches and plums. Meron had a blast - it was MAD hot - so we didn't stay too long - but she loved chasing her buddy Will up and down the rows. After leaving there we grabbed some lunch, wandered through target and headed home for a nap for one sleepy girl. She took an incredible nap (2+ hours) and we spent the evening just hanging out again. James and Stacy made an incredible dinner and then we all headed outside to watch the kids play on the slip and slide (another Meron first and she LOVED it). Things were good today and there were just enough distractions to keep us from worrying about Laura all day...

Once again - THANK YOU guys for the prayers and support you have lended. it's a critical part of any mission trip and you guys have been amazing!

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