Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She Healed My Heart

Laura's mom is one cool person. Better known around here as "Granny" - she has always been so supportive of everything we have tried to do. And she loves the heck out of her grandkids.

Since the beginning of the year she has done a daily devotional - she actually writes it (she's a great writer) and sends it out to a list of people and she hasn't missed a day yet.

On Saturday, her study was around Romans 8:22-39 and she talked about a time of sorrow in our lives when she was at a loss as to how to pray for us. It was during this time, when we lost our boy Brighton, that the Holy Spirit interceded on her behalf - knowing her heart and taking her hearts prayers to God for her.

Laura's response to that particular email was awesome. It's below and I love her for her honesty, transparency and open heart around this sensitive subject. I believe it's partially how we heal.

"I am just reading yesterday's devotion today, and am moved to tears. I am so thankful for the story God has unfolded in mine and Tymm's life. I can honestly say that I am thankful we did not conceive, God removed our desires and replaced them with broken hearts for the orphans and the poor. We are honored to be the parents of a former orphan. We wish every person could feel the joy of adoption.

All of you, have been incredibly supportive of "Brighton Their World" and God's mission through us to bring food and comfort to the most vulnerable of this world. I was able to hold, kiss and even feed one of His most precious while in Ethiopia 3 weeks ago. I will never forget that little girl's face and the healing she brought me while I fed her. I was never able to hold Brighton, cuddle him, kiss him and tell him about God's promises and love. God was giving me my chance to give this to another baby on my very first day in my favorite country in the world.

I most likely will never know what will come of her life, but I do know, that her chances are not good for physical survival. See, this little baby not only has no mommy and daddy, but she is HIV+. At 2 months old, she is struggling to live.

As I held her, with tears pouring down my face, I told her how God loves her, how she is the daughter of the King and He is enthralled with her beauty. When I laid her down in her bed and I told her again how much Jesus loves her...her eyes met mine and seemed to say, "I know."

Right there in that moment, in the infant room of that orphanage, Jesus made His presence known. I cradled His tiniest and weakest...and she healed my heart."

I am heading back to Ethiopia (and Rwanda!) in December - and the awesome teammate of Laura's that went with her to visit Brighton's grave is coming on my team too and she has already offered to help me get there to visit.

Thank God for healing in ways like this - ways we would never imagine. God's ways are so different than anything we could ever dream up. That's kinda why He's God and we're... well, we're not.

And things just wouldn't be right without a dose of Meron - so here she is with her Granny...

Thanks Granny for always supporting us, loving us, praying for us and being one heck of a good model for us all!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

That picture just breaks my heart. I am so grateful at how God is healing and building your family. Your faith despite pain is an inspiration.

We need to get on NC Granny's devo list.

emily said...

So beautiful and the picture, wow, gets me. Honestly, it is Brighton and Abe that brought our crews together. Suffering brings such unbelievable joy right along with it- you don't see it at first, but then He shows up in such HUGE ways. Thankful for you guys. More than you know.

Kim said...

How big and how beautiful is our God? Amazing! Thank you for sharing. Oh...and Granny...would she consider adopting?...Me!

Amanda said...

Made me cry and remember why I do what I do at Visiting Orphans. I understand her loss and subsequent heart break for the orphans.

Gwen Oatsvall said...

beautifully put ... the picture took my heart right to my throat ... love you guys !!!