Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Catch You Daddy

I learn so much from Meron. My life is better cuz she's in it and I am a better person because she's around me. The lessons I learn from her are just priceless...

This weekend's lesson: CONFIDENCE.

I have always struggled with confidence. Never felt particularly special or good at anything. But not Meron! No way! She carries herself with such confidence and poise. I love it.

Case in point: We were at the park just having regular old park fun. Meron LOVES her some slides. Probably cuz we sent her sailing down them at a crazy young age (sounds wacky to write that - but hey - we did - and she liked it!). She knows Mommy or Daddy will always be down there to catch her if she needs us.

So she sees me at the top and yells out:

"I catch you daddy! Come on... I catch you!"
And sure enough - she did! So what I am like 5x her size - she stepped right up, no worries, fully trusting her abilities. And when I slid into her arms at the bottom she said:
"I got you daddy. I got you."
If you only knew how true that statement is Meron...


Christie said...
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Christie said...

Note to self. Don't read the Hoffman blog if you don't want to cry. I obviously NEVER remember that part. Love me some Hoffmans and I can't wait to hug Meron.

wildflowers said...

a very symbolic post indeed! :) very sweet.

Tamara McKim said...

Child like faith...It changes everything. Love it.