Sunday, August 1, 2010

IDEAfarm 2010

This weekend I was blessed to be part of something amazing - I was invited to take part in Broken Voices first IDEAfarm. A farm of ideas? I know, weird... right? WRONG!

IDEAfarm was 4 days of discussion ranging from developing you and your heart to lead, embracing all elements of your story, building a strong team, to creating an effective plan and communicating compelling vision.

I was invited along to help facilitate discussion in some of the breakout sessions since we have been trying to follow God's lead with Brighton Their World. And though I was able to share some of our story and hopefully lend some insight in some areas to students who are dreaming up some ideas they have gotten from God - the bigger story was what I received.

There was so much honesty, transparency, authenticity, love and just plain old God up in that place this weekend. It was incredible. I heard life stories, saw life maps, shared some tears and watched God in real time as He builds up a generation of people desiring to put Him in the center of all they do.

Big huge thanks to everybody who put this event on. It was a blessing and a privilege and I walked away with what felt like a whole new community of friends and family.

And after not seeing either of my girls since Thursday morning - the biggest blessing of all was to walk in the house and get to spend the rest of the evening with them!

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