Sunday, August 29, 2010

In Your Son's Name...

Tonight while we were driving home from the season opening meeting of our community group, Meron said:

"Hey guys... bow your heads, I gonna say a prayer."
I explained to her that I couldn't really bow my head while driving but that I would surely be listening. So mommy and Meron bowed their heads and this is what came out of the back seat:
"God. Thank you for my family... in this car. And thank you, God, that you have everybody in your heart. In your son's name we pray... Amen!"
Tears, swerve, crash... I mean not really - but geez Meron - how about a little warning before your gonna drop some prayers that make daddy's heart swell so much!

At home we always say "In Jesus' name..." so we're not sure where she picked up "In your son's name..." - probably at church. Wherever it came from - it is the sweetest thing in the world to hear.

I continue to be shaped, molded, taught and humbled by the heart inside the body of this little girl. Meron said it best... Thank you God... for my family that was in that car.


Us4 Cats said...

wow. wordless over here! from the mouth of little ones, as they say, huh!

wonderful post.

Unknown said...

So beautiful!

Mary Dunlap said...

words cannot express how much this warmed my heart!

much love,
Mary Dunlap