Monday, August 23, 2010

Meron's Moments

"What? Me? Be bad? Misbehave? Never!"
Yeah, right! She'd love for you to think that. SO not true though...

So we've consturcted the Meron's Moments chart to help Meron get great reports on some of the common behavior stuff she freaks out on.

It's a pretty comprehensive chart that includes a partial list of Meron's behaviors that she finds challenging sometimes - and boxes for smiley faces for the days she really knocks them out the park!

Here she is scoring a smiley for her day of NO TIMEOUTS!! Woo hoo!

The chart has a few milestones where she can earn rewards and when the whole thing is smiley-ed out - she gets a SPECIAL TREAT!

Good luck Meron! Can't wait to celebrate all of your little milestones and your big special treat at the end!

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Robbins' Nest said...

that is such a great idea! So cute!!