Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Time Outs

We've been dealing with some "independent behavioral issues" or in layman's terms - not listening, whining, pouting, fussing and generally being all about self. Both at home and at school.

Thanks a lot, fall of man. This built in sin stuff stinks...

So this morning I told Meron if she made it through the entire school day without going to timeout once - we'd all go to Christian Chicken for dinner (and yes she could get ice cream).

Our girl did it! Nothing like a Chick-Fil-A incentive to keep her focused all day!

So what she came home and went right back into mini-monster mode. We're baby-stepping our way through this phase and celebrating every victory we can.

Like Ice Cube said - "Today was a good day."

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Heather said...

hey there!
Meron is so cute! I can't tell exactly how old she is...but I do know those toddler years are tough. Terrible Twos are a total myth! It was the Tragic Threes that threw us for a loop. ha! The first few months of year three were a doozy. We are only 2 days into 4 so the jury is still out on the 4s.
A book that turned the tide for us...Raising Kids with Love and Logic.
Sound kinda crazy like it will not work, my husband was so skeptical. BUT. It does work. :)