Sunday, September 12, 2010

Formula, Friends and Family

This weekend was NUTS. Nuts I tell you. But nuts in a grand way.

It all started Friday morning - we packed up 300 pounds of formula in a rental car and I hopped in and hit the road. First stop - Arkansas.

Got in to Arkansas in the late afternoon. After popping the trunk to show off the stash, I set up camp at my sisters house. These guys are awesome - such huge supporters of all the nutty stuff we do and always willing to jump in and help. THANKS GUYS for the incredible hospitality, conversation and fun!

Next morning I was up early and back on the road - destination: TEXAS.

Rolled in there around 2:30 and hung out with these guys! I didn't get pictures of their whole crew but I am telling you right now - Team Alexander is AWESOME. What an inspiring family - I was blessed and blessed and blessed again this weekend by them. Love their faith. Love their deeds. Love their family. I mean really - I just love these guys.

We talked about Ethiopia, we shared referral info (they will be hugging on our baby girl in about 3 weeks - can't think of anybody better to do it!), we talked about God, missions, love, faith... man - I just clicked with them.

And to top it all off - they took me to a Rangers-Yankees game. Moody, Wick and Hill must have put some kind of Texas spell on them because somehow, some way - we lost all 3 games to them. It hurt a little - better to get that outta the system now before play-offs!

I got up early and prepped to leave - standing in their foyer - saying a prayer over the pile of formula and other supplies for their upcoming mission trip - I was seriously moved. Thank you God for allowing me to glimpse this family - full of passion for you - understanding joy in suffering and just wanting to throw the world to the wayside and live for you.

I was really, really energized by them.

By 11:00 AM Sunday I was back in Atlanta at the airport hopping in the car with this girl - I was barely gone for 48 hours but the reunion with her and Laura is ALWAYS so sweet.

Will you join me in praying for Team Alexander as they head to Ethiopia with a giant team of dentists and others just willing to love on the children? Seriously - God is alive in these guys...



Us4 Cats said...

wonderful . thank you for sharing!
will go check out their site. looks like you had a great time but even better returning to your loved ones!!

emily said...

Tymm- it was such a gift. Having connected with your family long ago through Brighton and Abe, so love that He allowed us to finally meet over this formula. Just knew we could "do life" with Team Hoffman. Now we want to, in Africa maybe???? Laura and Meron- it is mandatory that you join next time!
We are honored to get to love on one sweet baby girl Hoffman while in ET. Can't wait to take pics and video to share with you.

MandyJo013078 said...

Tymm -

That is awesome! What a blessing! Great job! I can't wait to hear about your referral, is it a little baby or Meron's age? I am so excited for your family and to follow your journey for the next Little Hoffman :)
God Bless :) Amanda

Anonymous said...

How many people would fill a car with cans of baby formula to take to Texas so it can be delivered by a group of dentists to Ethiopia?
Only those that obey the command to love the fatherless. Good job!
NC Granny