Saturday, September 25, 2010


That's what Meron screamed when she got out of the car yesterday. She's been talking about this trip for about 2 weeks and she couldn't contain herself when she finally saw her Granny.

Her face doesn't show it all - does it?


Us4 Cats said...

this is awesome!!!
my mother passed some years ago and i think moments as these would be precious. you are blesed to have her in your life!

hey- by.the.way :) does your wife or Meron like candles? our first try at a fundraiser is candle Tarts. I am making Aplle scents this evening and WOW; delicious, very strong scented!!!! they are wonderful. check out our fundraiser if interested- they all are in Ethiopian colors to boot!!which Meron might enjoy!?

sorry not pluggn it- just sharing the thought, women like candles and all ya know, its a girl thing; its my fav thing to make:)

ANYHOW! super great to see Meron with her Granny. can feel the love thru the screen. for sure.

enjoy it!!

Beth Bailey said...

That picture is so sweet it about makes me want to cry happy tears! Hope your weekend has gone well.