Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Only Critic Who Matters

I think when we become parents we become hyper-sensitive to being judged on our parenting skills. We compare our children's development to all those around us and then when little Johnny isn't conjugating verbs or diagramming complex sentences when neighbor Sally is - we start to question our ability to parent.

None of that matters. It doesn't. Meron drove that home for me tonight. We were heading home after a daddy/daughter date and I was bragging on her mommy. It's not hard to do. Laura is super, dope incredible and I am still shocked I get to wake up everyday and call her my wife.

I mean seriously - hard-working dedicated career woman, amazing mom, incredible house manager, she finds time to run, never misses anything with Meron, dedicates time to her college age bible study, advocates for orphans every single day, hangs out with and supports her friends, likes to mow the front yard... I could go on and on and on.

So back to where I was - we're driving home and I said "Meron, you have a really good Mommy."

And she said:

"I know. I do. And you are a really good daddy too."
Talk about a performance review to be proud of. Best one I have ever received.

And nothing else matters.


Anonymous said...

She is one smart cookie!! We think you guys are the best!!
Love ya,
Stacy & James

Us4 Cats said...

and, there it is! just a few words go a long way with us humans :)

Thurieyyah said...

and I agree with Meron.

Christie said...

Great post! EVERY word of it!