Friday, September 10, 2010

Run Like The Wind

She's in the right family! That's for sure... keep it movin' Meron!


Us4 Cats said...

go girl! once again, lovn the hair!

The Redman's said...

HI Laura- I saw your comment on my blog. Ahhh... hair!! :) I really tried keeping Grace's hair braided or in twists for most of the summer to avoid it really drying out-- and keeping her cool. But, she does love wearing it down and it does dry out-- especially underneath. I still only wash it about once a week and over the summer I started using some Bumble and Bumble THICK conditioner. It's a bit pricey, but lasts a long time! I use Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioner as well. When braided, I do try to coat her braids in jojoba oil or coconut oil. I also just hear great things about "Miss Jessie's" hair products and I'm tempted to try something. Right now I use Alaffia leave in (like hair milk)-- but Grace's hair is SOOO thick, that I end up using a lot of it!! About a hair cut-- I did have her hair trimmed over the summer-- you should check out the blog post I did about it-- the gal who cut it is Ethiopian and she straightened Grace's hair before cutting it. It was AMAZING!! Couldn't believe how long it was. I admit, sometime I'm overwhelmed by the massiveness of her hair, but it is gorgeous, and she LOVES it, so I'm doing all I can to keep it healthy. What do you use for Meron??

And... again congrats!!!! Yes, I'm hoping any day for us. We do know they've been working for a little over a month on our current match, so I'm hoping this little guy is the one and we hear soon!!!!!