Friday, September 17, 2010

Tour de Driveway

When Meron pulled out the bike we've been borrowing from our super duper neighbors for like the past FOREVER - I was shocked to see how well she fit on it. It's funny how we don't notice them growing til we have some tangible measuring stick... like pedals.

She was crazy excited to try it out - but the concept of pedaling was kinda lost on her.

She relied mostly on her mommy motor and would occasionally just slam the brakes on for no reason. But she's working on it...

And look at that determination! When she gets it - and she will get it... all I am saying is "watch out Lance!"


emily said...

Go Meron Go!!!!

Jenny said...

Have you guys heard of balance bikes? Check them out (google, amazon). They are bikes for toddlers without the training wheels and without pedals. The kids push themselves along flintstone style and then glide. It teaches them to balance in no time and they are riding a regular bike (wihtout training wheels) much sooner. We are getting Helina one when she turns 2. Meron is so pretty and lively! I love seeing her photos here. Great blog guys.