Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome Home Claire!

What an incredible couple of weeks it has been for kids and families! We've had adoptions finalized in the states, new referrals coming in from Africa, formula heading to Ethiopia - and this past weekend - Meron and Mommy got to be part of the welcoming home party for this awesome family!

Needless to say - Meron was pretty pumped about the whole thing!

As we all were actually. Seeing this family finally united as one is nothing short of a miracle. God bless this team for their incredible patience, persistence and inspiring obedience. We are blessed to know them!

Welcome home Claire! Can't wait to watch this growing group of kids do life together!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

How did we get so lucky to do life with Camp Hoffman? Seriously?

Thanks for walking through every step of this journey with us with all its CRAZY ups and downs.

Thanks for celebrating with us! It was AWESOME having Laura and Meron at the airport! It is AWESOME too that Tymm missed it to deliver such an amazing load of formula!

Us4 Cats said...

yay!!!!! welcome home. what a doll!

Angela said...

Oh, we hated to miss the airport reunion! Beautiful pictures! Love, love, love how our circle just keeps on growing!

Janie said...

Beautiful people and friends you are! It is a joy to know you from afar :-) (rhyming, kindof silly, but it just worked out that way)

Windsor House said...

Thank you so much for coming to the Airport to welcome Claire home. We are very thankful that M&R have such wonderful friends.
God Bless
Rebecca's Dad