Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Meron and I had a date night tonight. We've been talking about it for like 2 weeks - she has told everybody - "My daddy is taking me to a football game!"

It started with dinner at - you guessed it - Christian Chicken! Then it was off to the game at my old high school.

Genius me picked a night that just happened to be homecoming - we couldn't find a parking spot ANYWHERE. We ended up parking about a half mile away and of course Meron didn't want to walk - so it was me plus 40 pounds til we got to the stadium.

But ya know what? After seeing her so excited, asking me all kinds of questions about the game, the stadium, the band, the field - I would have carried her miles to have a night like this with her.

She asked earlier in the day "Will we clap?" Sure I told her - and clap she did! She was just caught up in it - having a blast.

I could see her getting sleepy in the 3rd quarter so we packed it up and headed back out. She was riding on my shoulders and was just being quiet as the roar of the stadium slowly faded behind us. She had rested her head on my head and I thought she had fallen asleep until I heard this:

"Daddy... I had fun tonight."
My heart did that whole Grinch thing from the cartoon and just grew a few sizes. I asked her what her favorite thing of the night was (half expecting her to say Chick Fil A). Her answer surprised me:
"The drums."
Very cool. My favorite thing? The fact that mommy got some time out with her friends and I got a whole night of soaking up Meron as she absorbed all kinds of new stuff. That stuff is priceless man... Thank you Meron for an awesome night!


Rachel said...

She is so so precious! <3

Anonymous said...

I am a grandmother expecting 4 grandchildren from Ethiopia next year. Our daughter and husband is waiting for a court date, they have accepted a referrel for twins. Our son and wife are on the waiting list.
I just wanted to let you know how I love your blog because it is expressing such an enormous love for your beautiful daughter. It warms my heart every time you make a post. It starts my day with a smile on my face.