Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holy Cuteness

Does Holy Cuteness negate willful sin? Let me explain...

You know we've been having some timeout issues with Meron at school so first thing out of her mouth when we pick her up is either her proclaiming "No Timeouts!" or her telling on herself.

Today she was telling on herself. "I had timeouts," she whispered to me.

So down the hall we went to talk to Ms. Chris (her teacher). Yep - we confirmed it. Timeout for pushing. To her credit, she proclaimed "But I had a good attitude!" (which is what we were stressing this morning so I guess she gets half a point for that).

So I am about to dig in and start the public disciplining when Ms. Chris says "She did do something really, really cute today though..." and she proceeded to tell me a story.

Apparently, in the middle of the day, Meron gathered all of her classmates around in a circle and they all clasped hands and Meron asked them to pray for her baby sister. She said:

"God... please be with my baby sister in Africa. Keep her safe. In Jesus name. Amen."
I look down at Meron after this story and she is just beaming... and all words of discipline fell out of my open mouth onto the floor and scattered. I mean - how do I drop the punishment gauntlet after that?

So I ask again - does Holy Cuteness negate willful sin? Does a spiritual showing cancel out a prideful push?

The answer to that is a resounding NO. Not in God's eyes. And that's precisely why Meron needs Jesus. And I need Jesus. Cuz there is nothing else we can do to help ourselves...

But dang if it doesn't make it hard to enforce the discipline on that cute little face up there... yet again reminded why I am Tymm and God is God.


Amanda said...

She's a seriously amazing little girl. I'm sure it's b/c her parents are awesome role models!

M and M Nichols said...

Awww, we miss you guys. Need to get together soon and get the scoop on baby sister!