Saturday, October 2, 2010

Party On!

Meron woke up from her little 25 minute nap in a CRANKY mood today. Yeah - she can be a little cranky monster sometimes. We were supposed to be at our buddy Cooper's birthday party and we were starting to sweat it - would she be a bummer for the whole party?

When we first got there - she was still a bit groggy. GULP! Please - no tantrums!

Things started looking up with the butterfly face paint. Whew!

And by the time she was getting to paint her own craft (a pig in case you were wondering) - she was doing GREAT!

She even got to paint on the wall... FUN!

Daddy had to get in on that one cuz it was just too fun looking...

She got to do a scavenger hunt for candy (complete with wings!)...

And to top it all off - she had some delicious cake!

So no tantrums - Thank You God! They can be ugly sometimes!

Cooper - Meron had a blast today and is so thankful to have you as a best friend! She loves ya and looks up to ya so much! Hope you had a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!

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