Monday, October 4, 2010

Praying For Those We Don't Really Want To...

We share our house with 2 dogs and have ever since we've been married. They are both rescues with some abusive pasts but have overcome all of that and are just all around awesome guys (and at 11 - they are slowing down a bit).

Clay is our Golden Retriever and he loves absolutely everybody. Peanut is our chow-rhodesian-lab-deer mix and he has had a harder time in his life overcoming some stuff - but he has really aged in to a nice old guy.

Meron loves them both a ton (and they her). But lately Peanut has been bugging her.

He looks harmless, right?

Well, it started with him "smacking her toes" (stepping on them) and then it moved to "he pushed me" and "peanuts looking at me funny." I think the straw that broke the camel's back came the other day when Peanut decided to chew up a piece of her play food. She wasn't happy...

So fast forward a few nights later and Meron is saying her prayers:

"God... please be with Peanut and Clay. No... wait... not Peanut. Just be with Clay. In Jesus name. Amen."
Whoa... what? Did I just feel God nudging me? No that was Laura kneeing me trying to stifle a laugh. We often say Peanut is our problem child but we have yet to withhold prayer for the guy!

But how many times do I do this in my mind? I don't outright ask God to withhold His blessings but there are TONS of people I should be praying for - that truth be told - I just don't want to. I'd rather reserve my prayers for the ones I hold dear, the ones I love - or better yet - the ones that love me.

I grabbed Meron's hands and said "Baby - sometimes - we have to pray for people even when we don't want to. And often - those are the ones we need to be praying the most for. Do you want to take another shot at it?"

She was sleepy but she shook her head "YES." She grabbed my hand and mommy's hand and said:
"God... please be with Clay AND Peanut. Peanut really needs it. In Jesus name. Amen."
Who was teaching who here? In the end, the truth is this - Meron's prayer showed love for her "enemies" just as much as her friends. I am striving to be more like her in that way...

Thanks God for yet another cool lesson taught to me through my daughter...

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Anonymous said...

When Meron's cousin, Cain, was taught about praying for his enemies, he looked at me and said,
"Granny, if I pray for them, they won't be my enemy anymore." Out of the mouths of our young ones come the Gospel of Christ.
NC Granny