Monday, October 11, 2010

Why The Smile?

That's our friend Emily up there from Team Alexander. See that awesome smile she is rocking? Wanna know why she has that?

Well - that blocked out person we can't show you yet - that's our baby girl! Emily is holding her and our girl is causing some serious smileage to be logged by Emily.

2 team members returned from the Ethiopia Smile 2010 trip and contacted us today - we got 10 new pictures of LH3! Thank you so much Callie and Amanda - you guys were huge blessings!

These guys met our girl, took pictures, prayed for her and this is what they told us:

  • She is a sweetheart
  • She is a doll
  • She loves to cuddle
  • She smiled (when the room wasn't so crowded)
  • She has been told all about her awesome big sister
  • She has been told how much we love her
I can't even begin to tell you how big of a deal this - if we can't be there with her - this was our next best option - awesome friends loving on her and sending us updates and pictures.

You guys are the best...


Thurieyyah said...

I cant WAIT to see your baby's pic!!!

Special K said...

Aw!!!!! How wonderful! I hope you're together soon!

Janie said...

What a wonderful thing to know that she is receiving your messages of love before you get there, and that she had an opportunity to get a hug from your mission friends :-)

Robbins' Nest said...

so excited for you guys! How did you do that?!?! I'm gonna steal your idea when we get some pics!! Too cool.

Anonymous said...

As always, I'm reading this with tears in my eyes... I'm so very happy for you all and for LH3, she has no clue how lucky she really is...YET!

Love and Hugz~