Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Meron!

Today our little girl turned 3. Wow. That kinda blows my mind.

Dear Meron...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. You have no idea how big of a deal each year that passes is. Last night when I was tucking you in and praying for you - you couldn't see it 'cause it was dark - but tears overwhelmed me. I think God chooses to remind me in my head what "could have been." When He does that it renews my spirit to fight for the least of His. I love Him for that.

And Meron - I love Him for you. What an incredible gift he gave your mommy and me in you. One day I hope you see this awesome gift He gave us all in this family. He intertwined a living example of redemption right into our family tree. He weaved the living gospel right into our story and I will never ever forget how it has changed me. To the core.

3 years Meron! 3 fun, challenging, turbulent yet smooth years. You're growing girl - and it makes my heart just about bust out of my chest when I hear you pray or hear you say "Nope - I am not forgotten. God knows my name!" or when I watch you beam with pride about your little sister as you show everybody her picture or as you simply whisper in my ear "Daddy... guess what? I love Brighton."

Well guess what Meron? Daddy loves you. And Mommy loves you. So much. And we are humbled that God chose us to be the ones to raise you up but we are so very thankful too. I think we all came about for each other right when we all needed each other. But God knew that - didn't he girl?

Happy Birthday sweetheart. We love you "big much."

Love ~

Daddy and Mommy


Christie said...

Crazy Hoffmans! Making me cry again! Happy Birthday, Meron :) Your WHOLE family is such a blessing to me, sweet girl!

Renate said...

3 wow, such a big girl now. Happy Birhtday Meron!

Carol G said...


Rachel said...

Happy birthday beautifull girl!!

Jillienne said...

Happy Birthday honey!