Saturday, November 20, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

We LOVE Operation Christmas Child. We also love to give. And we really love to give to Operation Christmas Child. With Meron getting older we want her to see giving and serving others as a very normal part of life early on.

Lucky for us we are blessed with a dope set of friends who feel the same way. So Friday night we all got together to pack up some boxes for kids across the globe.

We spent time sorting and organizing the goods...

We taste-tested some of the goods - I think they all passed the test!

Nothing sweeter in the world than watching this group of people I love pray over these boxes. Miss Angela opened up and Meron closed the prayer. Most. Precious. Thing. Ever.

Then all the kids made cool hand-print cards to go with the boxes to give them a personal touch.

God - we are always blessed by these opportunities to give and serve others - we ask that you bless the heck outta the kids who receive these boxes - wherever they are...

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La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

It was SO awesome to see our kiddos serving together.

Such a sweet pic of the kids praying (love S's little face). Thanks for posting that one rather than the one you got of S frowning with crossed arms!

Good stuff.