Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Then He Went Home With His Animals

We do a lot singing in our house. I mean a LOT. Everything is a song, a poem, a rhyme or a rap. It's fun.

Tonight on the way home from school Meron was telling me the story of Moses. When she was done I asked her to tell me another one - how about Noah?

"Is there a song?" she asked? "I don't know - is there?" was my reply.

Then she slapped me with this little ditty:

"Noah... oh Nooooaaaaahhhh....
He built an arrrrrrrrk.
And then he went hoooommmmmme....
With his animals."
I believe that sums it up. Nicely done Meron.

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Kim said...

I use a Bible curriculum for Sheridan's homeschooling that is called A Bible Study Guide for All Ages. It has a CD that comes with it. Meron would LOVE the songs - very kid friendly and upbeat. Here is the link - It would be a great Christmas present.