Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry CHAOS-mas!

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending Meron's school Christmas party. It was immediately clear to me why I do web development instead of bringing home the bacon as a teacher.

First off - these kids would own me. They are entirely too cute. Each and every one of them would wield their cuteness like a medieval sword and cut me down regularly.

Then there's the nuts factor. They are all nuts. So combine cuteness with nuttiness and you end up with CHAOS! (pretty sure that's a mathematical truth)

We did get to meet a bunch of Meron's cool school buddies...

And witness first hand some less-than-stellar behavior...

But then - as if on some sort of cue - things got quiet, a calmness enveloped the room and all was right in the universe as we took a picture of almost all of them.

It only lasted about 4 seconds! And we wouldn't change a thing about it!

We LOVED the time spent with our girl in her environment on her turf. Pretty sure she enjoyed us being there too.

Merry CHAOS-mas to all you cute but nutty kids!

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