Thursday, December 23, 2010

Waffly Good Company

Between working full time, prepping to lead a mission team to Rwanda/Ethiopia, staying afloat with Brighton Their World, hitting the final stretch of our LH3 adoption, running and trying to get ready for Christmas... well - it's been kinda busy around Camp Hoffman.

And I needed a daddy daughter date.

I asked Meron where she wanted to go and she said "Waffle House." Sorry Christian Chicken - ya lost on this one!

This is what I got to sit across from at breakfast this morning. Might be one of my new favorite pics of her. She had a blast as usual as we split the All-Star breakfast.

It was cold on the way out and she said "Daddy - will you pick me up?"

I scooped her up and then she whispered this to me:

"Daddy - when sister and Brighton come home can we bring them to Waffle House?"
If she only knew how badly I want to do just that. All I could say was "Meron - that sounds like an incredible idea" as I fought off tears.

She caught me off-guard with that one this morning. I seriously love this girl's heart.


Jenny said...

Hey guys. I've been wondering what LH3 stands for. I can't figure it out. Merry Christmas to you! Jenny

laura said...

Hi, Jenny...This is Laura Hoffman here. LH3 stands for "Little Hoffman 3".

Brighton was LH1, Meron was LH2.

Merry Christmas!

emily said...

Seriously?? How she kills a good way. Love your heart Meron. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks, Laura. Your blog is a daily read. I really enjoy it. Godspeed to LH3. Helina says hi! Jenny