Monday, December 6, 2010

Who Speaks to Your Heart?

Who speaks to your heart? I mean, who or what really hits it - who really drives things home? Who really makes you feel like the God you sing about, the God you read about and the God you pray to is RIGHT THERE WITH YA?

Is it your mom? Your dad? Your pastor? Is it Francis Chan? David Platt? Is it Andy Stanley? Is it the new guy replacing the old guys at your church? Is it your stuff?

Meron does it for me.

Oh, don't get me wrong. She's 3. So most of the time her sentences start with "Give" and end with "Me." And she employs whining as a tool for emphasis with the best of them.

But the rest of the time? The other tiny percentage of the time - she will drop things so profound, so deep, so Godly - that it just floors me. Maybe every kid does it and I am just in awe cuz mine is doing it now and my heart is listening - but she has spoken more truths on God than I think I have collectively heard from the front of the church altogether.

Lately she has spoken a lot about her sister and "her Brighton" and the things that we're all going to do as a family together when they come to be with us. It's screaming out for a big life lesson but it's one I am not ready to have with her. See she doesn't get death (and shouldn't) and speaks with JOY and HAPPINESS about the time when we're all together. And how things will be wonderful.

But she doesn't get it. Or maybe she does... and I don't.

She speaks so loudly to my heart.

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fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Her hair is getting so long, she looks so grown up in that picture!