Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 1: Daddy to Rwanda/Ethiopia

Towards the end of summer I agreed to lead a team to Rwanda/Ethiopia for Visiting Orphans. From December 27th to January 10th I was gone - we chose not to blog about it during it so the world wouldn't know my girls were home alone. So here is a day by day account of what went down - those who prayed and supported us - we are forever thankful!

Even when you are heading out to do God's work, saying "Goodbye" at the airport isn't easy. Let's just say there was more than one tear that rolled down my cheek as Laura and Meron stood waving. Time away from the two of them would be hard. But I knew it would be worth it.

And with that - the mission trip had begun. And the first attack from satan wasn't far off. We had been told to check our luggage all the way through to Kigali, Rwanda. Well - United Airlines wasn't having it. So I checked it to DC and then made my way to the gate so I could sit down and text all of my team (and another team heading out in the next few days) to let them know about the luggage issue.

By 12:30 I was in Washington DC, checked in to my hotel room and waiting for the arrival of the rest of the team.

Slowly throughout the afternoon they trickled in. From DC. From Texas. From Oklahoma. From Florida. And finally - after some serious luggage delays - from Nashville. But we were all here. That is what mattered. And by the end of the evening - all luggage was accounted for.

To all my prayer warriors out there - here are faces to put with names to know who ya prayed for (just the awesomest team ever - that's all!)

I managed to get around and talk to most everybody on the team and then head to my room for what was probably going to be a sleepless night. I was pumped. We were leaving in the morning for Africa!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Couldn't wait for these posts to start. As much as we try, it is so easy to let distance start to creep in from all that we have seen. Can't wait for you to take us there again.

NaCole said...

So excited to hear about your trip! I bet God did some AWESOME things! Praise Him for your safe return.