Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Precious Big Girl

I miss Laura. A lot.

But I know what she is doing has God's hands all over it and I wouldn't trade these days for ANYTHING. And life goes on - even when you're pulling single parent duty.

So tonight Meron rolled with me to ECHO - the college age ministry that Laura and I are both involved with at our church. My guys in my ECHO Deeper group love her and she had a real blast during the opening worship and she KINDA behaved during the message on Jonah.

But what really got me was the worship at the end. She was sleepy - you could see it in her eyes. I was holding her and we were singing when she asked me to be let down.

I put her right in front of me and she was clapping when all of a sudden she raised both hands straight up to praise God.

Oh. My. Gosh.

My heart about jumped out of my chest and it took all I had to keep some big ole man tears from falling.

It was short-lived... 20 seconds or so. But probably the most precious thing I have seen in a while. Laura and I have prayed daily since before Meron was home for God to be working in her heart and for the Holy Spirit to wrap her up early in life.

I think it is happening. And I am blessed by it.

The King (and me too) is enthralled with this girl's beauty...


ashley said...

I just thought I would write and say how awesome I think you guys are! I hope we can sometime meet you. I love your heart and love all that God is doing with your family! Its such a sweet sight to see the little one who once were fatherless-raise their hands to the Father in worship! Awesome!!

e.faeth.adopt said...

i follow your blog and just wanted to say this post was very heart warming indeed. the visual is so sweet : )

Us4 Cats said...
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Us4 Cats said...

sorry about the deleted comment- google cross posted.

Robbins' Nest said...

that is awesome.