Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And All Was Well...

Today was one of those days that just kinda suck. Ya know... unneeded and unwanted drama - busy at work - skipped lunch... just kinda all around sucky.

So I hit the trails to run it out but was still frustrated with it as I keyed the door and headed inside. Then I saw this:

And the smile started creeping back in. Weight was lifted. Joy was seen and heard. I listened to them finish the book and then listened again as Meron "read" it to us.

And then I got endless hugs and kisses from this cutie:

And all was well in my universe.

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Unknown said...

It is amazing how our life now is a gift and how the little things and moments make all of the difference after a trying day. With that said... it would be nice to have the additional additions in the daily mix :)