Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daddy Daughter Day

We woke up early this morning and hit the road as a family - we were driving Laura up to the Created For Care Conference at Lake Lanier. This is but one of the 8 bazillion things I love about this girl.

Barely home for 48 hours and she is off again to attend a conference with 250 other women on orphan care and adoption. I love her heart and passion.

Unfortunately - this meant Meron had to put up with me for yet another weekend!

So after hitting Cracker Barrel for some breakfast we headed home to dance to Laurie Berkner for an hour before heading back out for a first - Meron's first movie in a theater!

We went to see a 12:15 showing of "Tangled" and I am pretty sure I was more excited than she was (I am a movie junkie). And she did INCREDIBLE.

She brought Yellow Guy and a blanket and we had some popcorn and her water and she was GLUED to the screen. It was fun to watch her watch the movie. She actually laughed at some of the funny stuff (and laughed along with others at other times).

I did pretty good too. Loved the movie and I think I laughed at all the right times too.

Next up was Daddy-Daughter-Date-Night at Christian Chicken. We had been registered for this for a while and we were looking forward to it (any reason for Christian Chicken, right?).

We got all dressed up and headed out. For the record - Meron chose my shoes. She looked at my boring dress shoes and said:

"What are those funny shoes?"
I asked her what I should wear and she chose my black and blue Nikes. In her defense - they DID match! And they were much better than the swimming suit she wanted me to wear when I told her I was wearing a "suit."

We had a great time over dinner - just kicking it and hanging out. She is so much fun and full of joy. We missed mommy a lot - but we made do with what we had (each other).

The night ended like this - it couldn't have gotten better!

Thanks Meron for another awesome day of hanging out!


Anonymous said...

Love the Daddy Daughter Date Night!! The picture is awesome - love she picked your shoes! Glad you both had a wonderful day. Can't wait to hear about Tangled. We haven't seen it yet! Love and miss you guys!
Aunt Stacy :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys look so great! And Meron is right, perfect shoe choice!

Love, Aunt Wendy