Saturday, February 19, 2011

How We Wait...

Camp Hoffman has been struggling with the wait for LH3. No doubt about it. We've prayed, we've been prayed for and we've prayed some more. And at times - we took our eyes off of God and focused only on the wait. And the frustration and stress and fear that came with it.

And what we've learned is this - that when you do that - when you take your eyes off of Him for a second - darkness will try to creep in. And this past week it definitely tried. We've had stress. We've had the wrong outlook. We let things creep in that on the surface looked good for our family but at the core.... were not.

This is how much satan hates adoption - we actually know the glorious outcome of it all and yet he still manages to make us struggle. That's just the truth of it all.

But things are looking up around here. Today on my long run I was spoken to through my iPod by none other than DMX with this prayer of his:

"I thank you Lord for my birth, and everythings thats followed.
I thank you Lord for today, and I will pray for tomorrow.
I thank you Lord for the love of my life and a friend.
I made a promise, and I'm lovin' my wife 'til the end.
I thank you Lord for your guidance, cause thats all that counts.
And right here, right NOW, Lord this is your house.
I thank you Lord for a dream that came true to light.
And I ask you to bless everybody in this room tonight.
I don't always do the right thing, and I ask you to forgive me.
Cause I need you here wit me, without you in my life it's empty.
I think back to how some people did me like, violence was the remedy.
And because I think of that now, I pray for my enemy.
Not because of what I'll do, but because they don't know.
There's somethin' better after here, but everybody, won't go.
So I ask you to forgive them, and we'll hope they see.
And I thank you for the love that, they've given to me.
I will not abuse it, nor will I lead them astray.
See, I love 'em like children, that I see everyday.
And I pray, no WE pray together, get us through the bad weather,
and we love you forever.
Let your thought, and my heart, go hand in hand.
I first thought, but to start, but I stand a man.
And for as long as I can, as long as you permit me.
Please give me, the strength I need to live.
Bare wit me.
That really got me thinking about how I was approaching this wait and how I was putting every ounce of my focus, attention and energy on it while letting all of the amazing glorious things God has done for me and my family fall by the wayside.

And - as luck would have it - right after this DMX prayer came a Steven Curtis Chapman song (yeah - I have some diverse musical tastes!) that said this:
"And I hear children's voices singing
Of a God who heals and rescues and restores
And I'm reminded... That every child in Africa is Yours..."
And that sealed the deal for me.

Tonight as we prayed we thanked God for all of the amazing stuff He has done in our lives and for all of the simple things we take for granted. And we acknowledged that He loves LH3 a lot more than we do. That He wants LH3 to be in a loving family WAY more than we do. And that His timing on this is what we are under and we are going to sit in faith and wait with joy for His timing to be perfect.

Oh we know we'll stumble and take our eyes off of Him while we stare at this wait - but our goal is to be aware of it and to beat it when it happens.

And if all else fails - I'll just keep staring at this girl - cuz she makes me smile a LOT.


AGoodKindOfCrazy said...

Great post Tymm.

And who-da-thunk DMX had some lyrics that would make me cry?!?
Praying for ya'll while you wait....


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Know that we are praying for you guys all the time, wishing that we could make this wait end, but trusting with you in God's great care for you and for LH3.

Let's get together again to pray for you and her.

emily said...

You are not alone in your pleading with the Lord to bring LH3 home.

Unknown said...

This is exactly what I needed to read... DMX and all!

jkseevers said...

awesome post. I totally needed that this morning. I feel like I'm in the middle of a storm... waiting, waiting, waiting... and we're just waiting for our referral. This whole adoption process is soo gruelling and painful. Yet, through it I'm finding that God is definitely molding and shaping me. It's painful, yet needed.

Praying for you, fellow "waiters"


Garden Chemist said...

You are an inspirational family that I love to hear from! Stay strong. The road is long but the reward is great. Praying for LH3. :)

M and M Nichols said...

Having been through the waiting game twice, I thought the second time it would be easier and it wasn't. But what I learned is that God's timing really don't question it. Praying for your strength and a speedy journey to LH3.