Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 Years... (Not Forgotten)

This post should be dated January 9, 2011. For the last 2 years I have done a post in memory of Brighton on the day he went home to be with Jesus (1 Year, 2 Years). This year was a little different - mainly because on that date - January 9th - I was actually in Ethiopia.

God is cool like that. Letting me be on the same continent, in the same country with my son on a day that I usually do nothing but think about him.

And even cooler than that was this - a few days earlier I invited my team to come visit his grave. Almost my whole team came with me and it was an incredible experience.

And it's taken me about this long to process it all.

God had been doing some work on me around Brighton since before we even left for this trip. A book on the plane did so much to reveal the real truths of God and as we walked in to the cemetery not only did I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and joy - I was reminded of God's promises to us.

I wasn't real sure how I'd react - and as we got closer you could see how bad of shape the area was in. But it didn't seem to matter to me - Brighton wasn't here. I knew where he was - this was just what he left behind when he went to a MUCH BETTER place.

My heart longed for Laura to be there with me. I know we'll be back there together real soon. And I am thankful for the incredible people God placed around me while there. I don't think I expressed it properly - but it meant the absolute world to me.

And then Austin - one of the super dope team members - went and did something that about sent my waterworks into overtime. He started cleaning off Brighton's grave. Moving heavy rocks that had fallen and dusting off all the cement dust and dirt.

These guys didn't even know our son and yet I could feel the incredible amount of love they had for him.

I could barely see through the tears but I did not miss it as Austin went and found flowers and put them on Brighton's grave. They were a yellow marker of awesomeness in an otherwise very grey world at that moment.

God - I am thankful beyond words for you, for my team and for Brighton. Our heart will never stop weeping for him and the millions of orphans he represents to us - but this year we are trying a little harder to celebrate his life instead of mourning his death.


Amy said...

Your post brought me right back to Addis, visiting Tamirat's plot. How wonderful that Brighton has a stone, to honor him, and you. Our agency didn't do anything for Tamirat, in fact, a driver had to show us where he was buried. We placed a flower down to mark the spot. Thank you for continuing to share your love for your son.

emily said...

So thankful that Brighton brought us together. Beautiful post. We hope to visit there with you guys one day. And........TOMORROW! Good stuff. We are pumped.

jkseevers said...

amazing. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. That little boy was soo blessed to have parents like you and Laura, and although he never met you here on this earth, I bet he can see you now and what a reunion it will be someday to be dancing all together with Jesus!


Tracy said...

Beautiful. I'm all teary reading this. I'm so glad you and your team could visit Brighton's grave. And the yellow marker of awesomeness is just that...awesome!