Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As If Waiting Wasn't Enough

Meron - why the scowl? What's got ya bothered?

Ohh.... THAT! Yep - that's more paperwork we have to do. Oh you know - our USCIS approval expires here soon - so what better way to spend our wait (and money) than to have to re-do some of our paperwork? YAY!

Even Yellow Guy can't believe it - he passed out cold.

I'm thinking Meron has the right idea...

Forget re-doing it. Let's just pray over it!


Carol G said...

I'm praying, too! Your sweetie needs to come home now!

emily said...

Have you already used your one time free extensions? Bummer.

Ok, not exactly adoption related but hopefully will help a small, tiny bit. We have decided to wait to celebrate sweet baby Abe's birthday until his people are here! Actual bday is the 11th but kids thought for sure we should do a party with the Hoffmans. So there, doesn't make the wait any better, but partys are fun right?