Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beauty For Our Ashes

Meron knows she was adopted. Pretty sure she doesn't know what that really means but we talk about it all the time. For example, I called tonight after my run and she answered the phone with a loud "Hi Daddy!"

I said "What are you doing?" And her response was so matter of fact and so awesome:

"Looking at the pictures from when you and mommy came to get me and bring me home."
I start to get all choked up cuz that's just awesome and then she says:
"Are you almost home? I am ready to eat dinner."
See - doesn't hold quite the same emotional punch for her as it does for me. But we do talk about it all the time.

Which is why we have no problem with showing her this awesome video that is floating around the Internet right now - its an incredible homecoming video of a family here in GA.

Here she is checking it out...

A total picture of seriousness as she watches two more "orphans-no-more" get united with their family. Incredibly awesome video.

Check out the video below. You won't be sorry - it's just that good. Then visit their blog to see more!

I am glad this video is making its moves across the internet. The adoption community needed something totally positive like this today.

"God sets the lonely in families..." Psalm 68:6

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